A Place in the Sun guest ‘stabbed himself with a knife to stop laughing’ during filming


A Place in the Sun host Jonnie Irwin has opened up about the odd moment a guest went to extremes to stop himself laughing during filming – by stabbing himself in the hand with a knife.

Property expert Jonnie, who has appeared on the show for 17 years, has met some big personalities over the years.

Among those was a particularly nervous man who kept laughing when Jonnie told him the price of various properties.

Jonnie revealed that, in the end, he decided to have a word.

Speaking to the Metro, he said: “Eventually I was like ‘Come on mate pull yourself together’ and he just ran off into the kitchen.

“I was like ‘What is he doing?’ He comes back two minutes later and we continued so I told him the price.

“He kept straight-faced, albeit with a slight smile and a wince, and we finished that section of the show.”

Yet, once filming wrapped up, Jonnie questioned the guest on what had happened and why he had run off.

Jonnie continued: “He told me ‘When I ran off I ran into the kitchen, found the kitchen drawer, got a knife, put a knife in my pocket, ran back out, and every time I thought I was going to start laughing I stabbed myself in the hand.'”

Um, ouch.

Currently, A Place in the Sun is not able to film any new episodes due to coronavirus restrictions and it is not yet clear when filming will be able to resume.

The show is known for its incredibly picky guests, with host Laura Hamilton previously venting her frustration in La Cala de Mija, southern Spain while she helped Essex couple Belinda and Alan search for their dream holiday homeā€¦